Photographers guide to planning the best day

Pick a Date. Or two.

When you think of your perfect day, is it during spring, fall, summer, or winter?

Once you picked your favorite season, narrow down a few dates. If you have multiple days that can work for you both, it'll be easier finding a venue.

The Perfect Spot

Find your perfect venue, do you want somewhere that has meaning to you both? Or are you looking for an all in one package? Find somewhere that is in your budget, but also somewhere you can see yourself having a great day with the people you love.


These are the people who are going to make your day run as smooth as possible. DJs, Coordinators, Decorators, Photographers, Videographers, Caterer, etc. We are here for YOU. So if you are not impressed/satisfied with them 100%, find someone who will impress you. It's always good to have a trial run, or a portfolio & reviews to help get to know who will be helping you through your day.

People always ask, do I need a day of coordinator? Or do you think a bluetooth speaker and someone in control will work?

  1. Yes, you will always need a coordinator of some sort. With wedding parties, it's like herding stray cats and everyone is going in different directions. I promise you, a coordinator is worth it for your sanity.
  2. DJ is 100% worth every penny. A good dj will have the whole wedding flowing perfectly. Keeping the guests entertained with good music, without any interruptions.